Accountants’ websites are boring. And aviation?

I was online yesterday searching for a new accountant in the local Warragul area. Having moved here recently I decided I would like to occasionally see the person who looks after my relationship with the tax office..

And so, by the time I had looked at my sixth prospect, one thing was clear. These people don’t need more work. If they did, they would put some effort into the odd website update, or even just a new website theme. And Boooooring! I realise a conservative appearance is a pre-requisite in the accounting world, but yeeesh! These people have it down to an art form.

Most of these websites were obviously produced back in the early 2000s, perhaps when they were forced to concede that all businesses need a website. No responsive design, no SEO optimisation and really not doing much except sitting there.

Gawd, get with it people!

Now on the subject of bad websites, one group who really need a kick in the behind is the aviation fraternity.

Being an active pilot, I see a lot of flying websites and I am regularly exposed to the absolute worst of the worst in web design. Some of these people are still running the same website they had built when the Internet was born. And some still use them to actively sell their products.

Airdrome Aeroplanes is a classic example… I mean these people produce brilliant aircraft designs, 3/4 or full scale replicas of WWI aircraft, just fantastic products. If I wasn’t building an aircraft already, I would definitely go for one of these, probably the Sopwith Camel, even though the website is appalling, it wouldn’t stop me.

So it makes you wonder how well they would go with a proper website, that not only would look better and draw more traffic, but make their whole order and inventory process infinitely better with a fully functioning Ecommerce facility.

This is what many businesses don’t realise, an online store doesn’t just give you the ability to sell online, it can handle everything for you, invoicing, inventory, shipping costs, the whole lot is taken care of.

But never mind, evidently, these people are making enough to get by as it is.

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