Changing Places

Eastcoast I.T. is now operating out of Warragul.

So of course the first thing that springs to mind is are there any other web designers or web developers in Warragul? Of course there are, but the question is, what do we do that that they don’t, or how do we do things differently?

How do potential clients find web developers in Warragul? Do they even know what a web developer is? Do they look for a web designers in Warragul, or web designers in Gippsland?

Do they search online, in the local papers, follow TV ads or is it just word of mouth? When we had a shop front in Bairnsdale’s CBD, it was literally a case of whoever walked in the door. You get plenty of tyre-kickers and downright self-important bores who try to impress you with what they think they know about it and inside a minute you know they aren’t going to buy anything.

You get enough work to keep you going and so it goes. But times have changed, we’ve moved closer to Melbourne, (web designers and developers in Melbourne?) the competitors are more numerous and it’s up to us to demonstrate something that sets us apart from the university educated geeks and mega-corporations.

Considering other nearby towns, and taking into account the fact we are close to Melbourne’s outer suburbs, I’m wondering how many web designers in Pakenham there might be or if people are looking for a WordPress developer in Dandenong or Berwick. And although we almost exclusively build WordPress websites, do potential clients even know what WordPress is, or do they care? I can tell you from experience that most new customers ask if they will be able to do their own updating. “Can I make changes to it myself?”

I refrain from the temptation to reply, “I have no idea.” I don’t have a clue whether they can navigate a computer, log into WordPress, type some text and hit the save button. It either requires some knowledge and skill or the resolve to gain that knowledge and those skills and plenty of people soon decide it’s all too hard, or they don’t have the time. The problem then becomes, who is going to maintain it?

What!? Pay someone else to do the work? Not likely! So their proud little website goes quickly out of date, neglected and all the plugins go out of date exposing it to failure and hacking. When and only when the whole thing trips up do they urgently need it fixed.

So they go looking for a web designer or developer in Gippsland, Warragul, Dandenong, or Pakenham.

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